Mastroianni Construction also offers project management services for new home construction. Project management services are available where the home owner can be more directly involved with their project. The level of home owner involvement will vary from home owner to home owner and project management contracts can be tailored made per project. All costs for the project are totally transparent and invoices are generally paid directly by the home owner after careful auditing by the project manager. For your reference, please see below a general list of the project managers scope of work.

Project Managers Scope of Work

  • Obtain quotations from sub-contractors and suppliers
  • Create the budget for the projects
  • Audit and approve all invoices before forwarding to owners for payment
  • Apply for all permits required to construct on owners behalf
  • Submit all required applications for services required on owner’s behalf e.g. Gas and hydro
  • Book all building inspections
  • Create the production schedule
  • Site supervision
  • Obtain clearance certificates and MOL form 1000 from trades and suppliers
  • File the notice of project form with the MOL on owners behalf
  • Supply a safety board for the job site for the MOL site visits
  • Consult and interface with architects, engineers, trades and suppliers
  • Create the scopes of work for the trades and suppliers
  • Supply a selections check list for the owners
  • Manage all revisions and change orders
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